From Christopher Pick:



Dear fellow ICS singers

I help raise funds for a new and very successful community choir — called SING4ALL – in my area of south London. It’s a great venture with about 35 members (including about 8 men!) so far who meet every week to sing rounds, songs from the shows and so on and enjoy tea afterwards. Real ties of friendship are being formed among members, some of whom are in poor health and and/or are socially isolated; for some the Tuesday afternoon sessions are one of their main social activities.

I have applied for £300 for the choir from the Galaxy Hot Chocolate Fund. This will help p[ay for music and to enable less-well-off choir members to attend the choir’s occasional social events and outings.

Five prizes from the Fund are awarded each week. Four winners are chosen at random. The fifth is chosen by popular ballot.

Please take just one minute to vote for SING4ALL. Just go to the link below and follow the very clear instructions. When you have voted you will receive an email — don’t forget to click on the link within this email to validate your vote.–building-community-in-west-dulwich

If you could then send this email on to friends, family, other singers etc and ask them to vote as well that would be fantastic.

NB there is one vote per email address, so if you have more please use all of them!

The deadline for voting is 11.59pm next Sunday, 15 February.

I hope that’s all clear. Get in touch if it isn’t.

Best wishes

Christopher Pick (tenor)


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