Concert Schedule for Messiah

Here is the concert schedule for this weekend’s concert. Please note particularly:

  • Tonight’s rehearsal is at St Augustine’s, Highbury New Park. Please arrive promptly so that we can start at 7:30
  • Saturday’s rehearsal will begin at 2:30. Please make sure that you are in the church at 2:15. We are expecting 150 singers, and it will inevitably take a while to get everyone seated.
  • We are in DESPERATE need of stewards for Saturday evening. If you have friends or relatives who can help, please talk to Louise Tucker at tonight’s rehearsal. They will get a seat, so it’s possibly a way for people who can’t otherwise get tickets to see the concert.
  • The sits and stands are all in this schedule. Please make sure that you have taken note and, ideally, marked them in your score.

Concert Schedule for 2014 Winter – Messiah


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