Practice for Chichester Psalms – don’t miss this!

Thanks to Mary Stacey and John Dervan who have asked us to let you know about these links to practice resources on the Internet for the Chichester Psalms:

 1. Pronunciation Guide

Bernstein Chichester Psalms Mov.1 Hebrew Pronunciation
Bernstein Chichester Psalms Mov.2 Hebrew Pronunciation
Bernstein Chichester Psalms Mov.3 Hebrew Pronunciation

2. Individual parts to download for practice – rather good actually

You will find these on the NW Choral Society website – . They are particularly useful as practice guides because they all feature a real(and good) singer in the appropriate voice parts (inclusding 1st and 2nd where appropriate).

They sing the relevant part with words, with a very nicely balanced choir and orchestra in the background to give you the context. Actually these are amazingly good compared with the ‘midi only’ resources we normally use.

Each link takes you to a page with separate tracks for each chorus at performance tempo, plus also ‘study spots’ which allow you to practise the more challenging passages separately. Your PC needs to be able to play MP3 files. You should be able to play direct from the website, or right-click on the link and download to your computer first (Choose an option like ‘Save link’, ‘Save File’, ‘Download file’, ‘Download Media’ depending on your PC, browser and quirks of fate).

Alto Chichester Psalms

Bass Chichester Psalms

Soprano Chichester Psalms

Tenor Chichester Psalms


3 thoughts on “Practice for Chichester Psalms – don’t miss this!

    • Apologies for our slow reply. Those links are not owned by us, they are only links to external websites.

  1. unfortunately the links to the mp3s do not longer work 😦 Any ides of were to look for alteratives? My choir has this work on it repertoarie and I need any help I can get.

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