Choir party 5 July – cancelled

[For members]
I am very sorry to have to let you know that we decided to cancel the Choir Party planned for Friday 5 July. By the end of yesterday only 60 tickets had been taken up; to have gone ahead with such low numbers would have involved the choir in a considerable financial loss, which the committee felt was neither prudent nor fair on the membership of the choir as a whole. We have waited as long as we could, but if we had not made the decision now we could have incurred significantly higher cancellation charges.

I’d like to thank all those who worked to plan and organise the party, especially Louise Tucker, Tricia George and Andy Gardiner, and all those of you who had supported the party by buying tickets – so sorry to let you down.

We will be refunding everyone who bought tickets; Louise will man a desk (or maybe just a chair) at the rehearsal on Sunday afternoon at Cadogan Hall where she will exchange £20 notes for tickets (those who paid by cheque will be given your cheque back). Please try to remember to bring your party tickets on Sunday to help make the refund process go quickly and smoothly (if you have any problem producing your ticket(s) we can refund without the tickets but it will be a little more elaborate / time-consuming).


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