ICS Committee and Trustees

Thanks to everyone who attended the Annual General Meeting on 5 March, and for the many helpful comments and questions.

The minutes will be produced shortly; in the meantime you might find it useful to know the names of the members of  the committee for 2013-2014:

Liz Barton

Patricia Biddiscombe

Paul Dornan

Andy Gardiner

Tricia George

John Leslie

Sarah Matthias

Liv Raphael

Christopher Pick

Christine Rose

Godfrey Stadlen

Cherry Taylor  

Louise Tucker

The choir has three Trustees, two of whom must be committee members and one of whom must be a member of the choir not serving on the committee. Andy Gardiner, the former Member Trustee, has now joined the committee, and the AGM therefore appointed Bryan Stevens as the new Member Trustee. The Trustees from the Committee are John Leslie and Godfrey Stadlen.

Many thanks to Bryan for volunteering as Trustee, to Andy, Louise and Christopher for agreeing to join the committee, and to all the continuing committee members for agreeing to serve for another year. Thanks also to Sarah Castle and Richard Ayers as former committee members for their valuable work.

The Choir’s officers are elected by the committee from its members at the first committee meeting after the AGM. In the interim the officers remain as before:-

Godfrey Stadlen, Secretary
020 7272 3168
  John Leslie, Chairman
  020 7359 6461
  Liz Barton, Treasurer
  020 8882 0487

Please feel free to contact us with any questions.


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