Verdi Requiem – Congratulations

Massive congratulations and thanks to everyone for an amazingly successful performance of the Verdi Requiem on 15 December, to a totally sold-out house at St Alban the Martyr. So much work from so many people, and a truly impressive performance from a musical point of view.

Special thanks to Michael Bowden, conductor, and to:

– Camden Chamber Orchestra, for a performance full of flair and energy

– Our truly superb soloists

  • Gavin Horsley (Bass)
  • Peter Mitchell (Tenor)
  • Lisa Swayne (Soprano) who stepped in on concert day to replace Sara Wallander-Ross who was unfortunately taken ill

    Lisa Swayne

    Lisa Swayne

  • Zoe South (Mezzo-Soprano) who stepped in at three days notice to replace Katy Bingham-Best (also unfortunately taken ill)


    Zoe South

– Every member of the choir for undoubtedly one of your best performances ever.

And thanks as always to the host of workers in the background who made it all possible – not forgetting the excellent crew of stewards who helped so much to keep a massive audience happy (and seated!)

A fine start to the choir’s fortieth anniversary year.


3 thoughts on “Verdi Requiem – Congratulations

  1. Hello,

    It was wonderful to come and sing with you in December – however, I’d just like to state for clarity that I’m not a mezzo-soprano, but a dramatic soprano. The mezzo line in the Verdi has always sat more comfortably for me.

    The choir were absolutely outstanding, and it was a pleasure to sing with you.

    Best wishes,

    Zoe South

    • Dear Zoe
      Many thanks for the clarification and apologies for the slight inaccuracy.
      Thanks too for the kind comments about the choir – you were quite superb, and we look forward very much to future performances together
      John Leslie (Chairman)

  2. Thank you John, Keith and Liz as well as all the rest of the helpers for making this possible. We really enjoyed this sing – it is the best. See you next year!
    Ileana (Tenor)

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