New Season is underway!

We started the ICS 40th season on Tuesday 11 September, with a terrific rehearsal. 
… and another equally good on 18 September.

Oodles of new members trying us out or actually signing up – welcome to you all!

We will continue on each Tuesday at 7.30 at Highbury Baptist Church as usual.  If you are thinking of coming to join the choir, this is the perfect time to do it. It isn’t essential to have joined for the first rehearsal, but please don’t leave it too long! As always you are welcome to try us out for a couple of weeks, with no obligation, to make sure we are what you are looking for (we are!).

We have a really great and challenging programme this year starting with the wonderful and moving Verdi Requiem, then Bach St John Passion at Easter and culminating with a gala concert in the Cadogan Hall with our new commission from Brian Inglis and Elgar The Music-makers in July. This should be a truly special occasion in a great venue. Peter J Williams, the choir’s founder and first conductor, will be joining us in a short piece as well.

  • We held a short welcome session for new members on both 11 September and 18 September as part of the rehearsal, taking a few minutes to explain how the choir works, with our conductor Michael Bowden going through some of the basics of the musical side of belonging to the choir – we think it worked, but if you were one of our new recruits do let us know whether you found it useful or you’d rather have been rehearsing!

If you are an existing member planning to rejoin, please come with your form filled in and cash/cheque made out (membership forms available HERE). This will make the process much swifter and lets our Membership Secretary and Librarian actually join in the rehearsal – thanks!

New members, just bring yourselves – we will be able to lend you copies of the music (returnable deposit required until you have joined up).

We hope to add information about rehearsal tapes/CDs/online midi files in the next few days as well as some recommended recordings of the Verdi Requiem so that choir members can get on with the very important discipline of practising at home what we have gone over at rehearsals. Watch this space.


2 thoughts on “New Season is underway!

  1. Hi there,

    I will be coming along for the first time tomorrow night – I couldn’t make it last Tuesday unfortunately. I’m really looking forward to it!

    How much should I bring along for the deposit? I imagine I’ll be signing up straight away anyway!…


    • Hi Abbi
      Glad you can make it, look forward to meeting you.

      If you join and pay membership straight away, you won’t need any deposit – we will issue you a copy of the score to keep for the rest of the term.

      If you want to try us out first, you are more than welcome; we then lend you a score for the evening. The deposit is really just to remind you to return it at the end of the rehearsal – it can be cash (eg £10), a bank card, driving licence, a set of house keys even. Obviously you get it back when you return the music at the end.

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