New term January 2012

Rehearsals for our new term started on Tuesday 10 January 2012. We are rehearsing at Highbury Baptist Church as usual.

If you are a new member or thinking of joining the choir, do come and join us  – you may well be able to catch up on the rehearsals, and in any case you’re welcome to come and ‘feel the experience’ of a rehearsal before committing yourself to joining.

  • Take a look at the posts on the Rehearsals and Dates tab for a bit more detailed guidance on joining the choir part way through the term – basically you are always welcome!

This term we are rehearsing the Faure Requiem and Haydn Paukenmesse (Mass in a time of War).


As always, it is our intention to make library loan copies of these scores available for all choir members who would like to borrow them, free of charge. Unfortunately as the choir continues to increase in size, it is becoming harder for our librarians to source sufficient copies from the public library system. Please be patient if we have to ask you to share for a week or two. Or consider obtaining your own copy if your means allow.

For members considering buying their own copies of these scores, we recommend:

Faure – Requiem: United Music Press (UMP/Hamelle) edition ISMN M-2244-0171-7 

 Note –  if you already have the Novello edition, edited by Desmond Ratcliffe, you may well find this works perfectly well. There appears to be very little difference in the  music itself; the page numbers in the Novello are quite different, unfortunately, but the rehearsal letters in each movement seem to be identical throughout.

Joseph Haydn – Mass ‘In Time of War’ (also named ‘Missa in Tempore Belli’ or ‘Paukenmesse’): Novello New Choral Edition, Revised Pilkington, ISBN 1-84449-085-8

Note: There are several other editions of this score, unfortunately at present we are unsure how greatly they differ. If you already own a copy of a different edition, you might wish to bring it to the first rehearsal to at least see if it is workable.

ChoralineBoth of the editions mentioned above are held in stock and can be ordered online from Choraline, who also produce rehearsal CDs or downloadable rehearsal MP3s. You can get a 10% discount on any order at Choraline by quoting the choir’s code ICS when completing the ‘shopping basket’.
If you order a score by 4pm Choraline will deliver it to you on the following day.

NB we get no commission from Choraline, although members do get the discount. We just like their service!


7 thoughts on “New term January 2012

  1. Hi there,

    I am really hoping to join the choir.

    Can you tell me if i’m too late to join this term? If so, when is the start of the next term please?

    Kind regards,

    • Hi Abbi
      We still have six rehearsals to go (having had six so far) – whether that’s enough may depend a bit on you: whether you have sung either of the works before, how much singing/musical experience you have, whether you can sight-read, perhaps most importantly whether you will have the time and commitment to do some work at home using learning tapes/CDs/MP3s, and so on. But I would say it is worth you coming along to our next rehearsal. We don’t audition and we always suggest people try us out for a week or a couple before committing themselves. We can lend you copies of the scores, so you just need to turn up and introduce yourself (suggest around 7.15 to give us time to sort you out) and see if you enjoy the experience! Once you have tried it for a week you can decide if you’d prefer to start regular rehearsals next term. By the way the next term starts Tuesday 17 April, and that concert is on Saturday 30 June.
      Hope to see you
      John (Chairman)

      • Hi John,

        Many thanks for your response. I think i’ll come along to the next rehearsal and see how it goes.

        I don’t believe i’ve sung either of the pieces before. I grew up reading sheet music and singing in choirs but it’s probably been about five years since I did, so it depends how quickly it comes back to me as to whether I continue with you this term, or start with you next term. I am, however, quite willing to put hours in during the week with the learning tapes.

        Anyway, thanks again, and i’ll hopefully see you next Tuesday.


    • Jonathan
      Apologies, I missed this message – I did answer a similar question in the posts on the ‘Rehearsals and Dates’ page – but as you probably know by now we decided to keep going this term without a half-term break, which would have been yesterday (14 Feb).

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