Stabat Mater rocks

Ok, perhaps ‘rocks’ isn’t quite the right word, but you know what I mean.

I knew it was a great piece from the rehearsals, but hearing it with the excellent ‘band’ and the fantastic four soloists made this piece something really special. And with the acoustics in St Alban The Martyr being so good, you could really feel the power of the piece – or perhaps that was just the basses booming out behind me….

I’ve missed most of the rehearsals this term, so it was a really nice opportunity to see how far things had come since the first couple I went to back in January – and, in my amateur opinion, I thought we sounded in really good voice.

Thanks, of course, to everyone who helped – ushing, serving drinks at half time, doing tickets on the door, selling programmes – and also to all the people who helped out with set-up and the take-down. Personally there’s nothing I like better than a bit of heavy lifting in my dinner jacket at the end of a Saturday night, but I understand that some people aren’t always so keen … but this time with everyone bringing a chair and lots and lots of ladies and gents helping with various bits of the stage dismantling… well, many hands did make the work lighter.

Finally, thank you to Conductor Michael, to Chairman John and to everyone who came to support us and enjoy the work.

Just a couple of weeks till the first rehearsal of next term. Old Spice, eh? That’s going to be some work. I’ll update details for that and the next concert here soon.

[ps. I should add an apology, I’ve allowed work to get in the way of life for the last couple of months which is why this site has been barely updated. It’s very very easy to update, but not everyone’s comfortable with computers, so it generally falls to me to sort it. Having said that, if you’re a choir member and want to contribute… do let me know. R]

[pps. there was a very nice gent taking some good pics from the rehearsal and concert… we’ll have those up here soon.]


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