King’s Lynn Festival

So the squad may have changed a bit, but the game stayed the same.  A different, splendid,  venue and with Carter’s Horizons and the Stanford Songs of the Fleet ahead of us, the good ship ICS set sail. Ok, I shall try not to mix any more metaphors.

This is just a personal post to express a few feelings about the concert last night. I’m sure John or Michael will want to say something at a later stage – and, of course, please, please feel free to comment here via the box below.

Also, please add pictures to the flickr group here.

The chapel in King’s Lynn was beautiful. Very impressive and the acoustics were good too. Rehearsal went pretty well and we got the hang of the balance issues – the excellent band numbered nearly as many as the choir so we had to up the volume and diction and in turn they took everything down a rung.

Michael coped manfully when he was told the Horizons composer was sitting in the back of the church and Mr Carter was so sweet when he addressed us all at the end of the rehearsal, saying “thank you so much for bothering with my work”.  And then there was his daughter Eleanor: the soloist for Horizons, she had a fantastic voice – her projection filling the church with those glorious passages. As for the Stanford – it went with the expected rollicking ride… as Andy G put it, you did feel like bobbing up and down in a proms-style every now and again. Again the soloist had a great voice and though some of us almost lost our way in one of the bits, but we got back there and I don’t think anyone noticed too much (!).

Tea, sandwiches and cake at the pub across the road seemed to go down well (I needed a full meal so I nipped round the corner) and the travelling was a breeze whether you took bus or train.  I thought it was a lovely atmosphere among the gang too. I didn’t really expect there to be any difference in feeling – but I think being on tour added to the  sense of team spirit.

Congratulations to the organisers, of course. You know who you are and I’m not going to start mentioning cos I’ll only get it all wrong – but it was sterling work.

And finally, I’ve added my pictures (including a couple I sneaked in during the performance) but I only had an iphone, so if you’ve got any proper pictures to add, please add them to the flickr group here.


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